Smiling Tiger (Benoit Photo)

Through December 31, 2016. Bold type indicates horse raced in 2016.
Smiling Tiger
Halvorson Bloodstock, agt.
City to City
El Dorado Farms
Peterhof’s Patea
Halvorson Bloodstock, agt.
Douglas Clyde / Jawl Bros., agt.
Stryker Phd
Char Clark Thoroughbreds, agt.
Rings a Chime
Griffin Place
Atta Boy Roy
Blue Ribbon Farm, agt. / Murphy & Pabst
Time to Pass
Northwest Farms, agt.
Mr. & Mrs. Guy C. Roberts
Fast Parade
Woods Creek Training Center, agt. / Czech-mate TBs
Refried Dreams
Rainier Stables, agt.
Blue Ribbon Farm, agt.
Collect Call
505 Farms / Narvick International, agt.
Almost Golden
K & J Farm / Dick Todd, agt.
California Diamond
Critter Creek Farm
Love All the Way
Coal Creek Farm / MTSI, agt.
Legendary Weave
Chris & Nancy Webber
Classy Cara
Patrick J. Hurley / MTSI, agt.
Kent Green
Bob & Mary Ann Whitaker
Diane C. Kem
Lake Creek TBs / Rainier Stables, agt.
Chum Salmon
CE Ranch
Staff Rider
Savario Farm
Dale Leach, agt.
Margo’s Gift
El Dorado Farms / Gunshy Manor
T.D. Passer
DanDar Farm
Polynesian Flyer
Ken & Barbara Hebard
Indian Weaver
El Dorado Farms
Court’s in Session
Guy Bar Farm, agt.
Program Thief
McMurry TB Services Inc., agt.
The Great Face
Blue Ribbon Farm, agt. / Murphy-Evans & Pabst
Avenging Passion
Guy & Barbara Roberts
Flying With Eagles
Northwest Farms, agt.
Fair Apache
505 Farms / Narvick International, agt
R. Baggio
Czech-Mate Thoroughbreds
Soft Copy
McMurry Bloodstock
McMurry TB Services Inc., agt.
Carrie With a C
Northwest Farms, agt.
Crafty Native
Takhoma Farm
Harmony Creek
Savario Farm
Foxy Sneakers
Billie R. Murphy / Linda Weeks, agt.
Al Renee
Northwest Farms, agt.
Island Echo
Northwest Farms, agt.
Royal Match Stud Inc., / MTSI, agt.
Yacht Spotter
El Dorado Farms, agt.
Name for Norm
James & Linda Kirschman
Irguns Angel
McMurry TB Services, agt.
Son’s Corona
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Pabst
I. M. Bzy
Prisco Vacca / Rainier Stables, agt.
Catahoula Rose
Paul L. Turner
Peter’s Pond
Mr. & Mrs. Guy C. Roberts
Appealing Resume
Northwest Farms, agt.
Flag de Lune
Kenneth Bennett & Robert Strugar
Timely View
Estate of Diane C. Kem
Czech-Mate Thoroughbreds
Spring Trooper
Fairwood Farms (R. L. Roeper)
Northwest Farms, agt.
Great Threads
Billie R. Murphy / Reinwood Farm, agt.
Shes a Sure Bet
Time Wise Farm (Patricia J. Murphy)
Castlegate Farm
Jellystone Park
Northwest Farms, agt.
Dr. & Mrs. A. L. Hallowell
Allaire Farms
Wild Cycle
Griffin Place, agt.
Reve Du
Magic Mountain Farm
Deputy Sue
Crooked Tree
Candi Tollett, agt. / Fell Hill Farm
Guy & Barbara Roberts
Zulu Whiz
L. Brulotte Ranches Inc.
Dancing Ovation
Northwest Farms, agt.
We Will Prevail
Northwest Farms, agt.
Woodstead Farm, agt.
Hot Metal
A. Jo Postel / McMurry Bloodstock
Blue Rim Rock
Owens Farms
Fully Approved
Gunshy Manor
Banner Rose
Wildwood Farm & Phillip F. Sims