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Responsibilities of WTBOA Board of Directors

General statement of responsibility: Board members will be advocates, ambassadors and supporters of the organization; they will provide leadership and guidance in long-term planning and visioning, financial management, public relations, program development, evaluation and fundraising.

Specifically, each board member will have the following responsibility:

  • Regularly attend monthly board meetings;
  • Review, evaluate and recommend policies, procedures, programs, staffing, budgets and mission;
  • Make a financial contribution to the program, including but not limited to membership dues and time invested;
  • Participate on at least one committee;
  • Attend the annual general membership meeting and an occasional board retreat;
  • Participate in fundraising activities, including promoting giving among family, friends, and others, visiting local businesses, and helping to implement and attend fundraising events;
  • Attend board development trainings when scheduled;
  • Understand and articulate the philosophy, mission and programming of the organization;
  • Advocate for the organization when asked;
  • Attend outside events relevant to the organization if possible.

Qualifications for potential board members:

  • Familiarity with the issues dealt with by the organization, knowledge of the Washington Thoroughbred industry and a willingness to learn;
  • Skills useful to the organization, such as fundraising, public relations, financial management, program development or other skills that will help further the mission of the organization;
  • Ability to participate in a collegial, cooperative way in group decision-making;
  • Enthusiasm for the work and mission of the organization.

Time Commitment: Board meetings are held once a month (except usually June and November) for approximately 2 hours. In addition, board members are expected to attend occasional fundraising events, the annual membership meeting and applicable committee meetings. Each board member is elected for a minimum commitment of three (3) years service on the board. Other work duties could include meeting with prospective board members, participating in strategic planning and board assessment activities, and reviewing the pre-board meeting packet materials.