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Something Stylish

I came across Something Stylish at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in July of 2005. She once raced at Emerald Downs, in training with Charles Essex. My friend had purchased her in a package of horses. He knew at the time of purchase she was a roarer, but he liked the other ones enough to where it was worth it to buy them all and just keep this mare until he found her a new home. I was up in Santa Barbara one afternoon to watch a tournament final and went to see this mare. I spent about five minutes looking at her in a field and decided to take her.

I had her scoped, spoke to a couple local vets. None were particularly optimistic of correcting her problem. I decided to take her to Chino Valley Equine Hospital where I had heard many good things. Six weeks after I got her, she had her surgery and spent nine days in the hospital.

After leaving the hospital she went to a friend’s farm to recover, where one month later she was completely healed and we soon began working together.

Over the next few months she regained her fitness and showed signs of being an amazing horse. She had a fantastic work ethic, really tried hard and, as a result, everything came easy to her. As soon as the flatwork finished, I started getting her ready to play polo.

With my returning to school, I had to sell all my horses and she was no exception. She has continued to go from strength to strength and is playing in all the major tournaments at the Denver Polo Club. I am not sure how many best playing pony awards she has, but I am sure it is growing continuously!

With Something Stylish, whom I called Stella, I broke all the major rules of buying horses – I did not ride her; I did not vet check her; I merely looked at her in a field after drinking one too many beers. She turned out to the be the best horse I ever owned.

Something Stylish (WA), 2001, f., Individual Style—Silky Pima, by Seafood.
Raced one year, 4-1-1-1, $4,778.