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Sabovee, aka Bruiser, was retired from the track after a slab fracture to his front cannon bone. This gelded son of Sabona raced until he was five, with career winnings of nearly $70,000, including a win in the Liberty Bell Stakes.

Bruiser was used in a lesson barn doing hunter lessons before I bought him. When I purchased him from his former owner, I was told me he was being sold because he was “frightening the lesson kids.” He would occasionally buck and rear under saddle, but I knew the moment I saw him he was a diamond in the rough! I told the owner I needed to think it over, and then called [back] before I even left her parking lot.

Bruiser is by far one of the most talented and intelligent horses I’ve had the privilege to work with. I originally bought him with the intention of reselling him, but after working with him a few weeks, I decided he wasn’t going anywhere! He’s currently schooling 4th/Prix St. George level work and showing third [level] very successfully this season, with no sign of stopping there. He’s absolutely unflappable at shows, having seen it all on the track. I actually had a judge who wouldn’t believe – until I showed her his lip tattoo – that he was an OTTB (off the track Thoroughbred). He’s a magnificent athlete and a wonderful friend who I cherish daily. Even a horrible ride on Bruiser is a great ride. He has an absolutely magnetic personality and charisma that makes people sit up and take notice.

Sabovee (MD), 1995, g., Sabona—Fabulous Vee, by Somethingfabulous.
Raced four years, 21-6-1-2, $68,620, won Liberty Bell S.