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WTBOA Stallion Season Auction Donation Form

Please return as soon as possible or by Friday, December 8, 2023, at the latest.

The online Stallion Season Auction will be held
December 15-22, 2023
at Thoroughlybred.com/sites/wtboa

Remember, the sooner you send your donation form back,
the sooner the free advertising
for your stallion(s) and farm
will appear on our website and in the e-newsletter,
as well as in mailers and various publications.

    I HEREBY DONATE A NO-GUARANTEE SEASON(S) TO THE FOLLOWING STALLION for the Washington Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association (WTBOA) Stallion Season Auction for the 2024 breeding season:

    STALLION'S NAME (required)

    Stallion's Sire (required)

    Number of Seasons Donated (required)

    Do You Wish to Offer a Return/Breed Back? (required)

    Advertised Stud Fee as Defined by the Donor/Farm (required)

    Final bid amount will not be made public.

    Name of Farm Standing Stallion (required)

    Street Address of Farm (required)

    City, State, Zip of Farm (required)

    Stallion Manager (person who should receive purchase information, required)

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    The purchaser of said season in the WTBOA Stallion Season Auction shall, once he/she has signed a stallion service contract from the farm at which such stallion stands, have the right to breed one Thoroughbred mare owned by them to the stallion during the 2023 breeding season under the terms and conditions of that stallion service contract.

    This no-guarantee season is derived from one of the following: The Individual Who Owns the StallionThe Agent for the Syndicate that Owns the StallionAn Individual Who Owns a Share in the Stallion

    Please Print Stallion Owner's Name, Agent's Name, or Share Holder's Name and Share Number (as applicable):

    As the representative of one of the above entities that is donating this season, I agree to provide a stallion service certificate free and clear at the request of the WTBOA to the owner of the mare, provided that the terms of the stallion service contract have been fulfilled by the mare’s owner. PLEASE NOTE: Farm permission is required for shares/seasons donated by an individual who is not the stallion owner or syndicate manager.

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