Home Meeting Minutes WTBOA Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – September 2021

WTBOA Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – September 2021


September 9, 2021

WTBOA Board Members Present: Mary Lou Griffin, Nina Hagen, Dana Halvorson, Henry Leong, Petra Lewin, Greg Luce, Debra Pabst, Jennifer Webber.

WTBOA Board Members Absent: Jim Engstrom, Dr. Duane Hopp, David Israel, Pam Christopherson.

WTBOA Staff Members Present: M. Anne Sweet.

The meeting was called to order at 12:24 p.m. via Zoom by President Halvorson.

Previous Board Minutes: Minutes from the July 16, 2021, meeting were presented and reviewed. Griffin moved to approve the minutes as presented. Leong seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.

Finance: Everything is looking good financially right now. Webber mentioned that the budgeted and actual were closely aligned in regards to the sale totals.

Northwest Race Series: There will be a $20,000 rollover for next year. The charts did not reflect that the stallion money was allocated for the WTBOA Lads Stakes and the Barbara Shinpoch Stakes, which would have impacted the black-type status for those races. This has been corrected.

Sales: Overall the sale went well. Everything ran smoothly and there were several compliments handed out to both the office and barn staff. There was a good buyer turnout with a diverse group consisting of both local and out of area buyers. It was felt that this was the biggest California turnout ever. Reports from new attendees were that there were many bargains to be had and that they would both spread the word and be back next year.

Payments have been rolling in and at this point there have been no red flags regarding the payments that are outstanding.

Auctioneer Scott Caldwell asked that the WTBOA put a clause in the insurance policy that releases the auction crew from any responsibility in case of errors or admissions. Sweet has reached out to Derek Webber and the CTBA for help with this issue.

It is felt that Mark Harmon did an excellent job researching and promoting the horses and it is appreciated that the auctioneers come and look at the horses prior to the sale.

The one negative was the loss of the live stream/online bidding during part of the sale. Sweet has been working diligently to determine what happened. Despite the hiccup, two horses sold online for a total of $14,000 and there was $30,000 in underbids placed online.

The next sales committee meeting is scheduled for October 7 at 12:30. [The date was later changed to October 5.]

The stallion season auction is fast approaching and the board was reminded that everyone needs to pitch in and help procure seasons. Leong also emphasized the need for participation from everyone. He is working on a proposal for buyer incentives that he plans to present at the upcoming sales committee meeting.

Publications: The next issue is scheduled to be the fall issue and the staff is starting to work on the online only issue. Sweet proposed the idea of merging the fall and winter/stallion issue. Webber and Lewin both felt that it would be alright to combine the two. Sweet reports that there has been less interest in advertising in the online issue. After discussion it was decided to do a condensed Fall email issue recapping the sale and Emerald Downs meet and then put it into print into the December issue.

WHRC/Emerald Downs update: Dr. Everett Macomber’s position as a commissioner on the WHRC is up for reappointment. He will be completing his second and final term so will need to be replaced after January of 2023. His replacement needs to be a breeder. Ethics requirements prevent commissioners from owning a racehorse at the track and betting on racing. Changing those requirements would have to be done legislatively. WHRC Executive Secretary Doug Moore has expressed interest in the position. It is thought that if Moore took over Dr. Macomber’s position then his assistant Amanda Benton would take over his position.

Old Business: There have been a couple of meetings between Joe Oluijac and the horsemen. The track is not opposed to helping the horsemen with lobbying for legislation similar to the Texas sales tax bill, as long as the lobbyist is not anti-Native American. Halvorson has been in contact with someone that is interested in helping as a lobbyist. It is essential that we have someone in place well before the next legislative session. It will be essential to secure multiple sponsors for the bill, especially Democratic sponsors.

Goals and Initiatives: Our most important goal at this time is getting the legislation through for the sales tax bill.

Promotional Video: It will be helpful to have it ready to go for the lobbying of the sales tax bill. The video has been tabled until after the Emerald Downs meet.

New Business: Annual meeting – the only way to do a meeting at Emerald Downs would be to use the trackside tent during the race meet. Otherwise a Zoom meeting would be an option. Halvorson suggested having a Zoom meeting towards the end of October with the lobbyist as the guest speaker. Meeting is scheduled via Zoom for October 19. [The annual membership meeting was later moved to October 26.]

It’s once again time to recruit board nominees for 2022. Sweet needs all nominations by October. Incumbents are Hagen, Israel, Lewin and Pabst. Webber suggested that Melodie Bultena would be interested in running again.

Halvorson acknowledged the passing of trainer Junior Coffey. The WTBOA sent Kathy Coffey a card and will send something further once a service has been announced.

Sweet referred to a couple of articles regarding virtual racing. It was suggested that members read the two articles and report back on their feelings regarding them. It was suggested that we talk to the Conleys to learn more.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 14, 2021, at 12:00 pm via Zoom. There will be no finance meeting prior.

It was moved by Leong and seconded by Lewin to adjourn the meeting at 1:26pm

October 14, 2021, Meeting Minutes
Pending approval at next meeting

Next Meeting
Monday, November 22, 2021

Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 7pm
Via Zoom