Reduced Health Insurance Rates for WTBOA Members

Dear WTBOA member,

We are pleased to announce that the WTBOA has joined with the Washington Farm Bureau to provide an outstanding benefit program to our members. Now is the time to save money, join a stable insurance pool and enjoy quality benefits with our exciting new health care programs. The partnership between the Washington Farm Bureau and Premera Blue Cross brings to farms and other businesses one of the most outstanding values available today in employee benefits. The program is open to businesses of two or more employees (husband and wife can qualify if both work in the business) with an annual membership in the Washington Farm Bureau.

Qualify for Preferred rating. If you do not have major health problems or costly chronic ongoing health conditions, you can qualify for our Preferred Rates. These rates are 30% below our Standard Rates. With the Farm Bureau program, no business can be denied because of health reasons, and no individual is rated up for health reasons. Each group will qualify for Preferred or Standard rates.

This is not HMO coverage. You do not need to select a primary care physician. You do not need special permission or a primary care doctor referral to see a specialist. You can use any licensed provider. You get the best benefits when you use a Premera Blue Cross Preferred provider. The vast majority of all providers in the state are Premera Blue Cross Preferred providers.

No deductible on many services. Plans A and B-500 Series offer coverage for a number of health services without the need to meet an annual deductible. For instance, there’s no deductible for office and home visits by a physician, and no deductible for preventive services, mammography or prescriptions drugs. Also, there’s no deductible for use of the emergency room for accidental injury, for chiropractic care or vision exam.

Lowest price possible. If you’re looking for the lowest price possible, and want excellent protection for catastrophic health care costs, check the pricing on Plan C. After you pay for the first $1,000 per person in a year it pays 80%. Then when the 20% you pay totals another $2,000, the plan pays 100% for covered hospital and doctor services to the full limits of the policy. The lifetime maximum per covered family member is $2,000,000.

This is not available anywhere else. You cannot get this program directly from Premera Blue Cross, or just any employee benefits agent. This program and these rates are only available through the Washington Farm Bureau and a select partner like the WTBOA. To ensure the highest quality possible in our interaction with you only a select group of agents have been trained for this program.

Act now! Call our WTBOA agent at (360) 528-2922 and ask for the Farm Bureau/WTBOA Healthcare information and enrollment kit.